Friday, August 1, 2014

Three Sworn Men and the Female Employee

Have you read the New Haven Register, seen the clips on WTNH-8 on Joe Maturo's latest folly? Go to their links and read the story then come back here and read this!

It’s not just Joe Maturo’s job that is on the line here there are two more sworn Town Officials that could have their positions in jeopardy too, Town Attorney Joseph Zullo and Chief Brent Larrabee.  According to the CHRO complaint, Town Attorney Zullo was witness on several occasions to the alleged harassment and it is also alleged that Chief Larabee informed Mayor Maturo that he was sexually harassing her.  Larrabee is no stranger to sexual harassment cases. While he served as Chief in Stamford he was subject to a CHRO complaint where a female Lieutenant was denied a promotional opportunity.  She sued and won her promotion several years later. Here are two articles on the situation.

What is concerning is if these allegations are true and Larrabee identified it to be sexual harassment why did he not act? For those who are calling out the victim as an opportunist and or that she is trying to save her job it then makes perfect sense why the victim would wait this long to come out.  When you are in fear of your job and someone in authority continues to abuse their position and not even the highest law enforcement official can protect you then who will?

CHRO complaints are very serious and generally are the very last step a person who is subject to the harassment takes. It’s incredulous that Mayor Joseph Maturo would make light of this complaint by once again blaming the victim for the filing. I promise you that there is much more to this story and the truth will come out. The question is if this story is true will the young budding Town Attorney risk his future and promise and will a well known a generally respected Chief of Police risk his legacy for a man who has become unglued, wreck less and even more arrogant? Then again who would ever want to perjure themselves for a man who thinks he’s above the law. It is my hope that at least two of the three sworn Town Officials will reveal the full truth and just maybe the truth will finally set this Town free of men like Joe Maturo.

Lastly, I stand and applaud this victim in this case. She is so brave! CHRO complaints are very difficult to endure but they do have a great remedy to put on notice that you are not alone. I call upon every East Haven Town Employee in Town Hall or any other office connected with the Town, if you have been subject to abuse by the Maturo Administration the time to come forward is now. Let your voice be heard and do not be afraid, the iron grip that has held on to East Haven Town Hall is falling fast like the Berlin Wall and you will be liberated and heard.

I offer you my confidence and my assistance in collecting this information. You can email me directly at


  1. Dan, I am sure that not only will EH employees come through but also other women who have been harassed by him in the past. Not the first time that I had heard about this!!

  2. We've received a few calls already!!!!!

  3. The question remains, it there a culture of this type of behavior or it this a one shot deal. Based on a lot of comments being said and read, the folks in the town hall better brace themselves cause its gonna get worse before it gets better. People who normally stay quiet are starting to talk. If things go the way I think it might, this is going to make the last town hall misfire look like a trip to Disneyland.