Friday, March 23, 2012

East Haven Republicans Still Don't Do As Maturo Wants

It seems somethings are starting to change with East Haven Republicans and Joe Maturo. We all know that Joe Maturo wanted and Rich Anania at the helm of the Republican Town Council and he got his wish with some crafty arm twisting but this time around Maturo's hand picked Republican Town Chairman candidate Paul Carbo was defeated by Ben Mazzucco. This time around the right candidate prevailed, under Mazzucco you will not see a Joe Maturo "Yes Man". Paul Carbo, a nice fellow, should never have been allowed to take helm as the party Chairman after he, Anania and Maturo caused the spilt of the Republican Party this past summer by going third line, eventually bullying their way to the Republican nomination. Ben is fiercely independent and will do what is right for the East Haven Republican Party, not Joe Maturo. When he was asked by Joe to join him on third line, Ben said no and stayed true to the East Haven Republican Party. That shows class and character, something the East Haven Republicans need after the rough start Maturo put East Haven through in his first 100 days. 

Could it be that some Republicans are starting to see what "this so called Republican" already knew, that Joe Maturo with too much power is just too much for East Haven and the Republicans? I had to laugh with the comments that came from Mr. Desorbo the last RTC meeting where I was the subject of his public conversation because I called for Maturo's resignation. The word is dissent Mr. Desorbo, which means I have a different opinion. It's the 21st century, we have several communication methods and as you and Joe learned when you say something it can go viral, the days of backroom conversations are done and gone and despite what you think many people disagree with you and don't forget many of those are more than willing to speak with me.

On the Maturo matter, it's not the content of what he said, it is how he handled himself unprofessionally in a time when we needed the right thing to be said. Maturo still just doesn't get that though, but I think by Mazzucco prevailing, some of the RTC members are starting to wake up and that is a good thing! I think Maturo knows it and I'm sure many RTC members are saying to themselves that Maturo in 2013 must not happen. The Republicans need to start looking to the next candidate now so we never have the possibility of the return of Joe Maturo, but then again maybe Maturo and Carbo can go third line again. Oh what a political system we have here in East Haven you just can't make this stuff up!


  1. Patricia EspositoMarch 23, 2012 at 7:21 AM

    Very good article Dan. So true.

  2. Well written article Dan