Thursday, March 1, 2012

Is Maturo Serious About Being East Haven's Mayor?

It is very seldom that I ever agree with East Haven Democratic Town Chairman Gene Ruocco but he is 100% correct that Joe Maturo belongs right here in East Haven not in Florida. The Town of East Haven has several crises’ ongoing, many caused by Gene Ruocco’s very own people on the Board of Police Commissioners, Board of Finance and various other boards. The thing that concerns me most is that it seems that Joe Maturo just doesn’t get it. So let me try and help by injecting some business reality, some practical common sense and intelligence.

Joe, are you there? Are you listening? You and your Administration are under constant watch, not just by your opponents but possibly by the United States Government. Do you really think after your infamous comment it is wise that you even think about leaving Town on a personal vacation? Today your department heads are handing in their financial budgets for 2012-13 after you promised a 17% tax roll back in property taxes. You just had a march calling for your resignation after you told the Republican Town Committee that the real purpose of the march was to bring unity to the Latinos. You have the media just chomping at the bit to catch you doing the slightest thing wrong and the Town of East Haven is the subject of a newspaper article almost every single day.

Now after being a leader in business for the past 20 years myself I can say what Joe Maturo is experiencing is a crisis. In a crisis the leader does not walk away from the post especially since 50% of the crisis has been self-inflicted. You stay at your post, you work your tail off to fix the problems or you walk away admitting that it got the best of you and it’s time for someone else to take over. Joe, are you there? Are you listening? Call me what you want,   (the last East Haven Republican Town Committee meeting I was referred to as a “so called Republican” ) for calling for Joe Maturo’s resignation but I call it as I see it and what I see is what I hope many are seeing, a man at the helm who just doesn’t get it. To answer the question about my affiliation, I am a proud Republican but I am not a Joe Maturo Republican, whatever that really is.

Joe Maturo must get serious and buckle down and work his butt off to deliver on the promises of fixing the many problems in this Town. Taking off to Florida which he did for over 10 weeks in his last term sends the wrong message to the taxpayers of the Town of East Haven. Joe Maturo needs to learn about TRUE ACCOUNTABILITY and not a couple of feel good pictures and sound bites. He defeated April Capone which was definitely a good thing in many ways but it was him and his lack of work ethic that allowed her star rise in the first place. Like the Bruce Springsteen song, Trapped it says a lot about the people of East Haven that just can’t win with either side. When will the people of East Haven finally get what we deserve and have a decent honest government that works for us and not them? The only thing that is acceptable with Joe Maturo in Florida is if he stays there and sends us notice that he’s not coming home.

As George Steinbrenner would say...."Lead, Follow or Get the Hell Out of the Way.:"


  1. totally agree..............

  2. Dan,
    I do agree with most of what you just said. Maturo was a mistake the first time around. I hope the people remember that he was the person that hired Gallo to be chief of police in the first place. You know the problems that were caused by that. Then to bring him back to work before the report was made public showed that nothing would change. I do hope that the Police Dept. will get back to the way it was before Gallo took over and ran it into the ground.

  3. Dan,
    Why write this if you don't know the reason if he went or
    where he went. I'm taken back that you are one I always
    felt I could rely on, but saying all this in your article
    I just can't say that I agree with you. I doubt that Joe
    would just go off now on a vacation. And how is it that
    Gene know it for sure? I cannot stand that man...he so
    used to running or I should say ruining this town that
    he is quite annoying!

  4. You are a useful idiot for criticizing the mayor. Are you following the Obama ballot challenges, and the legal chicanery that Obama is practicing to thwart citizens from forcing the elite to vet him and determine whether he actually satisfies the constitutional requirements for president? Acquaint yourself with the proceedings in Georgia, up and through the machinations to thwart appeal of the administrative ballot challenge. Read Michelle Malkin's recent op ed piece about the thuggery and politics of personal intimidation that his operatives are practicing to thwart conservatives from challenging him. Do you know that a certain member of his justice department made a statement that he didn't join the civil rights division of the justice department to enforce civil rights laws against african americans when they violate the civil rights of other citizens - meaning that he believed that blacks could violate the civil rights of citizens of other races with impunity? He wasn't black or hispanic - I'll let you guess what ethnic group he belonged to. Everything that is going on in this situation is to ethnically cleanse Connecticut and drive working class whites out of the state because a group of citizens wants to remove the possibility of this state ever voting republican again. Any white gentile who votes democrat just isn't following current events - read what the chair of the democrat party said about the party being the "natural home for minorities" - meaning whites need not apply.
    Maturo should go full rebel and threaten to arrest any federal agent coming to East Haven to intimidate the city into tolerating an invasion of illegal immigrants. When the press howls all he has to do is mention how Obama behaved in the Georgia ballot challenge - he didn't even show up!!!! And the powers that be wouldn't sanction him when every other citizen would have been arrested and thrown in jail for being in contempt of court. Given the lawlessness of this regime it should be accorded no respect and the citizens of East Haven should picket the court proceedings against their police officers and demand that this partisan political fight masquerading as a civil rights trial be dismissed!

  5. Dan
    Wow!!!!! How fast everyone FORGETS the MELTDOWNS that April had!! And also all the times she was MIA!!Yea MIA!. Dan you really need to get a life. Maybe you should spend some quality time with your family instead FUELING the FIRE!! And... where's the proof in all this Florida Crap. Again.. get a life! Give your laptop a rest. Or better, maybe its time to go back to the Bronx.

  6. Dan I have to say you went a little to left with this blog. No one knows why,what,or what for that Joe went out of town. you are beating a dead horse with this blog, I alwys agreed with what you had to say, but not this time.
    and how could that first anonymous say Joe was a mistake the first time around, for 10 years we had only a small increase in our taxs and in 4 years April raised them 17%. Ya she was so good for East Haven I want to puke, and I agree Joe should arrest any Federal Agent that comes into East Haven to intimidate the Town into allowing illegal aliens to live in East Haven


  8. taking a couple days off is not a crime,,this "crisis" will be here for quite a long time, should he never take a couple of days off,,since he came into office he has been hounded by the media and the latinos, he has not been given a chance to do anything, yes he made an insensitive comment about tacos but really ? the latinos DEMANDING he resign,,i have no problem with him clearing his head and coming back fresh from all this harassment and leading this town,,our police dept, our fire dept, public works and all the other depts are all still up and running and doing fine,,im surprised by this blogg from you because you always seem to have a good grasp of whats right,,this time i dont agree but you are entitled to your opinion,,

  9. i agree 100% Dan

  10. Too funny that anyone who disagrees = leaning left. Open your eyes people, this isn't about Republican or Democrat. It's about right and wrong.