Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Little Justice Served But Not Enough For All The Damage Done By The East Haven Board of Police Commissioners

Last night during the first meeting of the newly appointed East Haven Board of Police Commissioners everyone was wondering what the post Fred Brow and James Krebs era would be like under the new Chairman Joseph Civitello and surprisingly it went off without any controversy. However, what I was surprised about is the appointment of Carl Perez as the Vice Chairman of the Board after all of the allegations were floating around Town about his pending arrest for threatening a minor at East Haven High School.  

Mr. Perez serves as the East Haven High School In-School suspension officer and has come under fire for threatening a 14 year-old child while serving in a position overseeing our men and women who uphold the law. Mr. Perez is also a retired Connecticut Corrections Officer and has dealt with many prisoners who have been held for violent crimes and maybe even murderers. Therefore, it comes as a very big disappointment that person with his background would put the Town of East Haven back in the negative spotlight by his own conduct in addition to potential legal action. There is no doubt by Mr. Perez’s alleged actions as a Town Employee and his service on the very board that is supposed to uphold the law should resign immediately from the East Haven Board of Police Commission.

If Mr. Perez resigns from his position it would allow Mayor Joseph Maturo to fill the spot with a person, either Democrat or Republican, that would give Maturo the majority and control of the Board. Although I do not support Mayor Joseph Maturo, I know that replacing Perez would completely end the disastrous term of Fred Brow and James Krebs as well as the policies of the Capone Administration that declared war on the East Haven Police Department.

Lastly, with this Perez situation I wonder what the Department of Justice thinks of this latest turn of events?  After-all the Department of Justice made it very clear that intimidation and violence would not be tolerated after they swooped in and made the arrest of our four Police Officers. The DOJ said they had to take action because those officers were in a position to continue to harass and intimidate the very population they served. Well one might think the same of Mr. Perez. Maybe the Department of Justice should begin to investigate Mr. Perez and his interactions of the student population at East Haven High School. How many students are involved? Are there any civil rights violations? Are there any acts of intimidation, maybe even racial profiling too? After-all, who other than the DOJ should investigate Mr. Perez and his actions? Of course I say this all with tongue and cheek and in all seriousness how could the Department of Justice take anyone of these self-righteous clowns that served under Fred Brow and James Krebs seriously? How could they even think they are a credible source of information or even reliable witnesses when certain members have questions of their own character? Each one of them served knowing that the public did not support what they were doing. Fred Brow publicly denied he called the Department of Justice, when the States Attorney’s Office said there was no case against Officer Cari and this blog proved he lied by showing you the truth with the actual documents. It was discovered that James Krebs failed to pay property taxes to the Town of East Haven for years on vehicles he owns and he held a seat on a board that was supposed to uphold the law. Now the latest disgrace to hit this board and one that actually ended up in an arrest! Is Perez going to blame Police Union intimidation, The East Haven Vine or whomever for this being reported? Don’t be surprised if he does but it will never hide the fact that Mr. Perez or any of his former board members can ever paralyze the truth!

Mr. Perez should do the right thing for the Town of East Haven and resign his position and let a little justice be served along with some sweet karma.



  2. Dan.
    Great explanation and writing.
    Thank you.

  3. While I have no idea if he is or is not guilty of what he is accused of, Mr. Perez should no more resign than Mr. Maturo. How much more can Mr. Maturo do before the people of this town scream from the rafters for his resignation. Do I think Mr Perez may need to get his house in order and take a leave from the board, possibly.

    Mr. Maturo has done irreparable damage to this town, the community of this town and further damaged the reputation of our town.

    If you do not in fact support Mayor Maturo, I strongly suggest you and others scream loudly and clearly that he must resign.