Sunday, February 5, 2012

Support East Haven by supporting our Police

Just last week our Town was rocked by a storm many of us hoped would never happen. Four of our EHPD were picked up by the Federal Government for a series of indictments and many of them are very serious. Do I believe the Federal Government? Do I believe my Police Department? Do I believe the men and women that serve? Let me first start by saying I used to have full faith and trust in my government but I can tell you now I believe in them less and less everyday. Eric Holder's FBI along with the Department of Justice have completely ignored what is happening next door in New Haven and seem to think that Mayor John DeStefano is some type of hero for allowing his city to become a sanctuary for illegal aliens.

Illegal aliens are not just Latino, they're many foreign nationals in this country illegal but why the Latino's are being targeted is because they come from the same hemisphere as we do. They're not coming from Europe or Asia they're coming from the America's. Many of the illegals in the Town of East Haven come from Mexico and Ecuador. Unlike our Mayor, I have a cultural understanding of the different nationalities and many of these people from Mexico and Ecuador are hard working people and just want the same thing we want and that is the American dream. However, these people before they step foot on US soil, are criminals because they haven't entered our Country legally. They are willful participants in breaking United States Customs Laws, therefore are deemed illegals.

Despite what the politicians say it is not alright for these people to enter our Country from tunnels, under fences or box cars. This pseudo invasion should never be condoned by anyone in our Government and when these people enter our country illegally they should be turned back and sent home. I don't care if it is 20 times. If these people want to come to our country our Department of Justice should make sure it is legally. I am the grandson of an immigrant and my family came through Ellis Island. My wife's parents are immigrants and they came here after Ellis Island closed and naturalized through the legal channels. It's not that hard and I certainly can't for the life of me understand what is so hard? Unless, of course these illegal aliens have every intention of gaming our system and send their earnings back home and pay no taxes or give any allegiance to our country? Could that be the reason?

Several years ago Mayor John DeStefano of New Haven started to give these illegals identification cards and just last year Governor Malloy gave them in-state tuition. Tell me how does that correct the behavior of breaking the law instead of enabling them to continue to break the law and then WANT MORE?  Now in the biggest crime yet DeStefano wants to give them "municipal voting rights." Who does John DeStefano think he's kidding? The only reason why he wants illegals to vote is so he will never have another challenger to come close to him like the last opponent he had. DeStefano almost lost New Haven in 2011. What better way to game the system than to cheat your way into office!

Now that problem in New Haven has come front and center to East Haven. Our Town IS NOT a racist Town. The majority of our residents believe in law and order and we want our cops to be allowed to do their job. That does not make us racist!? If the majority of the crimes that are being committed are by a certain race of people IS HAPPENING why is that racial profiling?

I spoke to a EHPD cop a couple of days ago who really put this in perspective for me. He told me that 4 of our biggest bars in the Town cater to the Latino Community. So if those bars are serving this demographic and they are large in numbers and there are crimes being committed of course they are going to have incidents with our Police. It makes sense. What makes even more sense is the motivation of some of these people to accuse the Police as much as they can because they are not LEGAL and if they get caught they run the risk of being deported, even worse they run the risk of the money being cut off. Now if you were in that position wouldn't you do and say ANYTHING to make the Police stop? Now what do you do if you were Father Manship? Could it be that you're worried that the collections will stop? After all the Catholic Church is a non-profit organization that relies on any funding possible and with all of the sex scandals the cash box is kind of empty. All of these people have motives to make the Police stop doing their job! Has anyone in the Federal Government stopped for one second and thought that through?

As for our Board of Police Commissioners, what can I say. This Board will go down as the worst board ever to serve. With documented proof we showed that former Chairman Fred Brow along with the rest of the co-conspirators have turned our Town into a war zone because they wanted Chief Len Gallo. Now I don't know if Len Gallo is guilty or not but what I can say is that he is a very intelligent person who knows the playing field and I find it hard to believe that he would get himself embroiled in a gotcha situation. He has now retired and is gone. Will the bullets stop flying?

This situation with the East Haven Police Department is simply politics at its absolute worst. Brow and Krebs dislike the Chief. The Chief dislikes April and Brow and Krebs. When do the people in the middle who foot the bill get to have their say? I like many of my other East Haveners have had enough and all I can tell you is that its going to get worse, much worse before it gets better.

But in the end the ones that are going to being suffering the most will be our EHPD. Imagine coming to the job that you love everyday and you hate being there. Better yet imagine if you couldn't perform your duties because someone is watching over your shoulder every single moment. This is what these powers that be have done to our East Haven Police force and for what? POLITICS! Politics was quite evident when the East Haven Police Commission appointed Krebs and Brow as Advisory Committee members after their terms expired. That has never been done! What an absolute mess these people have created. What is Brow and Krebs intent and motivation? POLITICS!

But what can you do as a citizen of East Haven? First make sure you educate yourself and get both sides of the story. I never just watch Fox News, I always make sure I watch MSNBC too then decide I want side I will take. These indictments are nothing more than a one sided story along with the DOJ report. We won't know the truth until January 2013 when the courts will hear the stories. But know this. How the Fed's behaved in the arrests of our Police will tell you bit of the story. You see it seems that the Feds were none to happy with their perception of "non-cooperation" by our PD and wanted to make an example. Strip searching their husbands and terrorizing innocent family members at 7am in their homes. Or better yet blockading our PD waiting for the ultimate showdown. Is the United States Government kidding me? These men wore badges and had the public trust day in and day out. What was the purpose of the pre-dawn raid? What was the intent no other than to strike fear in the next wave or better yet to intimidate the East Haven Police Community? Has anyone thought that it was excessive force? Why couldn't they just call Deputy Chief Mannion and have all four of them come in a surrender at EHPD Headquarters or even better the Federal Court in New Haven? We do it for harden criminals all the time!

In addition, two of the Police Officers are forbidden to enter the Town of East Haven and all of them had to put up hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonds on their personal assets. Our cops are now a flight risk? I mean who is the criminal now in the eyes of the United States Government? Men who patrol our streets and keep the community safe or those who INVADE our country, drive illegal and threaten the well-being of our citizens by driving uninsured? Maybe just maybe karma will come around and bite one of the Capone Administration's supporters. Maybe then those who swear allegiance to the flag will get some real justice.

Please help our EHPD Officers by supporting this cause to raise money for their defense.


  1. Dan,
    Thank you so much for this article. It is a
    travesty that foreign people have more rights in
    this country than citizens that are born here and if others here don't start think about what is going wrong with this country, they better stop voting the machine and think about what is going on in our now situation. Google the Atty General's name plusguns.For those who called the DOJ this is now the ongoing orders of the Atty General that we are dealing with. Yet, as you read what Google has to say, it's the Att General who should be in jail.

  2. This is really sad to read. It is completely factual that immigration laws are in place for a reason but civil rights laws are in place for a reason also and in the mist of these men "doing there jobs" they broke a number laws. If they have targeted only illegal immagrants they would have got promotions not arrested.
    It's important to not generalize people expescially when you're in a position of public trust, bias has no place in any work place. Between the disproportionate traffic stops, eye witness accounts and numerous testimonies I would say these ( hopeful ex ) "officers" allowed personal feelings to affect their service to the community.
    I do not think this will result in any jail time for anyone involved but it is a good wake up call for police everywhere. If you are afraid of being watched what are you doing wrong?!?

  3. A government court filing in support of an argument that indicted East Haven police Officer Jason Zullo should remain under electronic monitoring bares a raw series of car-to-car computer chats with fellow defendant Officer Dennis Spaulding.

    The filing includes two pages of alleged chat messages. Some, but not all, of the chats also were in the indictment.

    Asked by Spaulding at one point shortly after 9 p.m. on Jan. 15, 2009, if Zullo had sprayed a substance referred to as “oc” in Spaulding’s car, Zullo allegedly responded, “NAH, THAT’S ALL THE MEXICANS U GET IN THE BACKSEAT!”

    On Feb. 8, 2009, Zullo allegedly reported to Spaulding that La Bamba’s, an Ecuadorean-owned bar on Main Street “only has 5 cars.”

    “Thats 5 cars to (sic) many!!” Spaulding responded.

    On Feb. 25, 2009, Spaulding allegedly asked Zullo, “Why is (Barra’s, another Latino-owned Main Street bar) empty???”

    “havnt been that way yet.....prob cuz of you,” Zullo allegedly responded.

    Then on Feb. 28, 2009, Zullo informed Spaulding, “That party is at labambas tonight.”

    “No one there yet!” Spaulding responded. “You run your guy through ICE?”

    U.S. Magistrate Holly B. Fitzsommons ruled Tuesday that Zullo may now leave his home without court permission — but she opted not to rescind the electronic monitoring order “at this time.” (New Haven Registry).

  4. The whole pd should show up to work nust to put timend get a pay just like a neighboring town that dont their job and theu love to be on chanel 8 sbow boating and coumaflashing their cruiisers and of course they choose who to stop that

    they dont get in tdouble for doing their job