Monday, February 13, 2012

Claims of Beatings While Handcuffed and The Misconception That The Prisoner Is No Longer A Threat To An Officer.

So the DOJ and Feds are claiming that while handcuffed prisoners were given beatings and were assaulted. Of course the liberal media hears that and the East Haven Police Department becomes bullies with badges. So let me pose this question to my readers. Do you think once a prisoner is handcuffed that they are no longer a threat? Well if you don’t think so take a look at these video clips.

What about when a prisoner is combative and spits bloody saliva in your face like in this video. Does an officer have to take home Hepatitis B or anyother types of diseases because some person can't give the respect due?

Or how about when a criminal resists arrest like in this video. Who's at fault? Please don't tell me the cop shouldn't have pulled him over.

If you ever think that Police/Fire and EMS work is like watching Andy Griffith or watching a scene from Emergency you are sadly mistaken. In reality it’s more like watching COPS or Rescue 911. So when the Feds question a field police officer what does the FBI really know about Police Work? I don’t see the FBI patrolling the streets or protecting the community like our front line Police Officers do. In addition, our DA’s or State Attorney’s work case load after case load dealing with hardened criminals while the FBI and the US Attorney’s get to pick and choose what they want.  Has the DOJ looked at the conviction records of Officer Spaulding or Zullo? When was the last time a New Haven Field Officer from the FBI had to fire his weapon like Sgt. John Miller did to protect a fellow officer or even received a bullet like Officer David Cari did? The answer is either it hasn’t happened or I can’t find any reference to it on the internet.

The facts remain that these officers who were targets of the DOJ probe and the FEDS are not the villainous criminals they are portrayed as. In fact to many of us they are the only line of defense in a border war that is occurring 2500 miles away. These officers also put their lives on the line every single day and it doesn’t matter what city, town or village they are from crimes can happen anywhere at any time and the DOJ and the US Attorney’s Office instead of playing politics should take the time to get to know what is truly happening in the streets of America.

Not soon enough the case that is coming next January will start to reveal the situations of these “alleged beatings” but one thing really still bothers me. If these beating took place in the Town of East Haven and these people were beaten the way they told the FEDS then wouldn’t it be as simple to contact the East Haven Fire Department? The EHFD would be the first responders to any medical situation in the Town and would be witness to these “alleged beatings”. Being a member of the EHFD volunteer force I have never once heard any of our volunteers or Medics ever say they saw or witnessed the aftermath of these “alleged beatings”. In addition, what about the booking photographs? Shouldn’t they show evidence of the beatings?

Do you know what I think is going on? I think that the DOJ listened to a Priest, a bunch of illegals, a few attorneys and a few politicians from the Town of East Haven that were hell bent on getting rid of the Chief of Police. The Town Attorney and Mayor April make statements like “I want a pint of his blood.” Paul Hongo has all this knowledge. Police Commissioners are telling the general public that cops will be led out of the Police Station in cuffs and to date every one of these predictions have all come true, well except for the Chief’s pint of blood. Just sit back a get the panoramic view and doesn’t it seem like it’s all about politics?

There isn’t one video produced, one eye witness account produced to date, that gives just cause to why our four Police Officers are under house arrest. Trusting the Federal Government with Obama and his henchman Eric Holder at the helm is like trusting the Captain of the Titanic to get me to New York safely.  I just won’t buy it.

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  1. you know why your #1? because you are closer to the facts then the left wing bias media. The people of Connecticut do not have a media source that will tell the truth, instead the media puts the spin on everything to stir things up, to create news out of nothing.

  2. McCann,

    You do a disservice by offering hope to the violent, the corrupt, and the cruel.
    Intelligent people are well aware of the facts.

  3. Thank you for your support!!!

  4. Dan, once again great articles. Please keep up the good work !!!!!!

  5. Gawd! 5:07 sounds like a remedial psyche student. DOJ, once again, keep up the good work!!!!!!

  6. Dan- why attack President Obama? Why attack the entire federal government and the media, too? This is a local issue. You have plenty of local targets- Capone, Hongo, Brow, Manship, etc. You would be smart to focus on the people directly involved in the East Haven story. For example, don't try to take on the entire FBI. Limit your scope to the individual agents who are handling the East Haven case. You can't judge the entire Democratic Party nationwide based on a dozen East Haven town officials.

    Please keep in mind that town politics is a completely different beast from national politics. Town politics is what I come to this website to hear about. There are better websites for national politics. No offense.

  7. Are you out of your mind to say the FBI has no idea what it's like to be front line.They encounter the worst of the worst criminal there is in this country and around the world DAILY,WEEKLY,MONTHLY 24 hours a day,please wake up,If those arrested weren't combative and were beaten then the cops deserve thier due punishment,have you ever been man handled by a cop when you are replying yes sir no sir and still because they don't like the way you look or talk they think they can do what they want, not godd here or any where in this country.

  8. I am not out of my mind. I report the facts. Check these links out to prove my point that Police Officers are the FRONT LINE not the FBI

    Nuff said....