Sunday, February 12, 2012

Some Serious Questions surround the indictments of East Haven's Four Officers and Those who have perjured themselves

I have one question that might set off a fire storm of more questions. Did Mr. Yadanny Garcia testify before the Grand Jury in Bridgeport and if he did, why is he not facing perjury charges for lying before the Grand Jury? Even if he did not testify before the Grand Jury why is he not now being charged with perjury for what I call “piling on the rabbit syndrome?” After all, it’s clear that Mr. Garcia is nothing but a liar and made statements so he could avoid prosecution.

Mr. Garcia made charges that he was beaten, tased and was verbally assaulted by one of the four officers, Jason Zullo who sits home today under house arrest and is under a world of more accusations. Three other officers Michael Sorbo, Lt. Lennon and Frank Montagna all have been dropped from his lawsuit and accusations but Jason Zullo still is not cleared? You have to ask yourself WHY? What do the Feds and the Yale Law Students know that we don’t know? Why is Officer Jason Zullo still being held to account for a false claim?

U.S. Attorney Fein and his cohorts deemed the four accused officers in the January indictment as “bullies with badges” what a complete joke that is. Just look at what the Federal Government has done to the Town of East Haven in lieu of knowing that the Garcia case was falling apart just before its very own eyes. Where is the remedy for the residents of this Town that have to bear the burden of words of “cancerous” cops without a single piece of evidence to support those charges? There is definitely a motive to this entire operation behind East Haven and as every day passes it seems to be more and more politically motivated.

Just look at what Judge Janet Arterton did with the Civil Trial vs. the Criminal trial. If this Judge was truly looking for the truth in this entire case she would have looked at the testimony of several of the key witnesses in the Civil Case and said there is clearly a problem here in addition to Garcia’s claims. She did not and US Attorney Fein got his way or better yet, a cleared road to prosecute. Where is the justice in a case which hasn’t yet been heard?

The four officers that were indicted sit home under house arrest with every piece of their assets tied up, the reason? Well in order for the United States Government to try its case and win the case they need every advantage and the additional “every resource” available, aka your tax dollars. This strategy hampers the defendant from getting the best legal defense and casts a dark cloud and psychological advantage for the US Government. That is why it is important to understand why the Signal 4 Defense Fund has been set up and monies are being collected across the country for these officers. In addition, two of the men are forbidden to enter the Town of East Haven because the judge and the Prosecution feel they would be a threat to the community. That statement is simply outrageous. We have illegal aliens walking our streets, driving unregistered and unlicensed and that’s ok. We have a Mayor in the City of New Haven that is openly breaking Federal Law and a Priest in New Haven that openly admits to harboring illegal aliens and the men of our Police Force are confined to their homes? There is something seriously wrong with our system of justice.

East Haven, Connecticut is not alone in this fight with illegal immigration. Across the country in Arizona, South Carolina and in other municipal police departments the Obama Administration and Eric Holder have declared war on the United States Constitution by protecting the people who enter our country illegally instead of helping our Police Departments. In a recent article by Rachel Alexander, Obama Targeting Police Nationwide to Divert From Fast and Furious it shows the many Police Departments across the United States that are being targeted and unfortunately the only way this stops is by a change in the White House this coming November. Again, our protection, our confidence and our ways of living all are at the hands of politicians.

We need answers in the East Haven Case. We need to know why the United States Government is pressing so hard for convictions instead of the truth. We need to know if there is political profiling in the East Haven case. I documented on this very blog that Fred Brow, Chairman of the East Haven Board of Police Commission did indeed have contact with the Department of Justice after he denied it in pubic. We need to know why Mr. Paul Hongo, Former Director of Administration seems to have so much information while everyone else here has none. Where is our Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro in all of this? What does she know?  All of the people I mention above are Democrats with deep ties to Washington DC.

In a prolific movie from 1984, Red Dawn, there are a lot of alarming references to our weak borders where the Cuban and the Nicaraguan armies walked right through Mexico into United States after Mexico was plunged into revolution. The movie refers to "infiltrators" or other words "illegals". Now I am not saying this exact scenario is happening today and it's only a movie but look at what is happening today in Mexico. It is in state of almost civil war and anarchy. Look at the countries of South America. They are not the most friendly to us! Don't forget many of these countries don't like United States and it's American Imperalism,  take a look at this clip from Red Dawn, change some of the countries around and think of what could happen if we continue to allow our borders to continue to go unsecured. ert from Fast and Furious

We cannot continue to be the lambs in this game. We need to have a voice and stand up to this liberal attack on our Police not just here but across the country. Read everything you can and have a voice. We need to protect our Country from the radical left agenda that believes that open boarders, social welfare are the answers to all of our problems. If that ideal is so terrific then why are these very people not fleeing to Hugo Chavez in Venezuela where the ideals of Socialism thrive? Or do they?


  1. Nice, great blog.

  2. this should go in the currier or new haven register,,why not send it

  3. The Democrats need to seriously read what is written above. Our forefathers fought for the freedom we now enjoy. Yet, every day we see it dwindling..and this is what he calls "change"! This is only the beginning...
    WAKE UP the realization of what is happening. These are not scare tatics! This is real and it's going to get more realistic unless we have a change
    in Washington. If you value your freedom and what you love about your country, you need to help reverse that change back while we can! This is a serious situation and
    you need to pay attention to what is going on in our town now as it's also happened in other states and their towns.
    Ask yourself what has he done in 3 yrs? Where are all those promised jobs? We are not escalating but constantly declining...are you going to wait til we are the property of the government? Come on people...WAKE UP!

  4. We will not cry for your children because you would not cry for ours.

    Be careful of the punishments you would inflict on others, you might find yourself enduring them.

    The process is the punishment. If you walk...

  5. I recommend all read Federal Statutes: 18 USC 1621,outlaws presenting false statement under oath in a fedral proceedings; 18 USC 1622 (subornation of perjury) inducing or procuring another to commit perjury, i.e. Yale law students; 18 USC 1623, presenting false material statements under oath before federal court/grand jury; or even the lowly 18 USC 1001, which outlaws false statement in ANY matter within the jurisdiction of a federal agency or department.

  6. Has Miller been made aware of this reality?

    D'arlin, you are preaching to the choir...

  7. Dan. keep up the good work !!!!!

  8. Dan- talk about the pot calling the kettle black. You've made about a dozen unsupported allegations of your own here. It's absurd to suggest that President Obama, Eric Holder, and Rosa DeLauro are conspiring to take down East Haven local cops. What evidence do you have to link Obama and Hongo? Obama doesn't have anything to do with East Haven town politics. This is a local fight and nothing more.

  9. I make no accusations but ask questions which no one can answer except those who occupied Town Hall before. I never said that any of those people had anything to do with it, I asked what did that know about it? It's also Obama's man at the helm, so yes I will hold him to account at a small level. As for a local fight? Nah, I believe it's something more. Speculation I gather not accusation.

    1. This is a small town feud with a cast of amateur political players on both sides. Every time Hongo opens his mouth, it's like watching a low budget horror movie filmed by teenagers. The dialogue is bad, the acting is bad, the special effects are so bad you can see Hongo pulling the strings and making explosion noises. If the federal government played the game this bad, we would be speaking Russian already.

    2. Also, as you are well aware, the political soap opera in East Haven goes back years and years. It didn't just start when Obama took office.