Tuesday, February 7, 2012

US Attorney Fein manuevers Judge to hear Criminal Trial Before Civil

So the shell game begins with a US District Judge agreeing to allow a motion made by US Attorney David Fein to stay or postpone the Civil Trail against the East Haven Police until the Criminal Trail is complete. So what's the big deal? Well it means everything if you the public want to know the real truth!

It seems that even though the Civil and Criminal Cases are separate they at many points are married at the hip and one can't be credible without the other. Why would US Attorney David Fein want this motion? Because he knows something that many of us don't know, that the civil case is fastly falling apart. Take for example Mr. Yadanny Garcia’s case, his own attorneys had petitioned the judge to withdraw his claims because they were false and misleading. In other words, Mr. Garcia lied and was no longer a strong witness, therefore could cost the case against the EHPD. So with this knowledge and probably a little ego it is better served for Mr. Fein to get this motion so he can proceed to a conviction of 4 or maybe more East Haven Police Officers. Isn't this the old proverbial putting the horse before the cart?

In the spirit of justice for all don't we all think it is better served that we actually hear the Civil Case first? Or is there more hidden in the DOJ report and the Civil Case? Could it be that the civil case also is holding more lies and mistruths from two key witnesses and if that sealed deposition was to be revealed to the general public there would be NO CASE against the EHPD? Could it be that the US Attorney's office is using the power of the bully pulpit, the media and other means to sensationalize the spector of more arrests to further his case? Well I guess US District Janet Bond Arterton thinks alike because she has allowed this motion and the Civil Case is suspended until the conclusion of the Criminal Case well into 2014.

Well as in any introductory case we should introduce our main characters to see what they are all about. You can click on these links to learn about

US Attorney David Fein....http://www.justice.gov/usao/ct/meetattorney.html

US District Judge Janet Bond Arterton  http://www.ctd.uscourts.gov/bio_jba.html

They both were appointed by Democratic Presidents and Mr. Fein seems to have a  more agressive point of view when it comes to any and all means necessary for Civil Rights...Just look here


We have to make Attorney General Eric Holder and Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez very happy in their quest to bring the country to free and open borders and to continue to propagate the pseudo invasion of the United States of America.

People please read and listen very carefully......These people are counting on you being sheeps in a pack of wolves. There is only one reason why the Civil Trial is being held up....If they let it go they loose and if they loose 4 or more officers walk.

Stay tuned for more details.


  1. Couldnt agree more, Kangoroo court!

    1. Once again Dan you tell the true story... you are a "PATRIOT"

    2. I was a part of Law Enforcement for 33 yrs. Fein isn't a part of it at all!!!!!

  2. i have never known a civil case to take place before the criminal case

  3. Why not enforce present US Immigration Law. Also go after employers who hire illegal immigrants. It is very easy to check social security numbers when people are hired.