Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Farce of the East Haven Police Commission

Going to the East Haven Police Commission Meeting in January 2011 was an absolute display of how much contempt the Police Commission has for our Police Department. During the meeting the Union's Attorney was defending a series of grievances and two were specifically surrounding the lawsuits for the alleged Civil Rights Violations by our Police Officers and whether the Town was going to properly defend the officers involved. When the Union Attorney asked the Commission if they supported the officers the Board would not answer. Imagine that, the Police Commission would not stand up and support the very people they watch over and set policy for.

Not surprising the Board is made up of all April Capone Almon appointees and is completely controlled by the Mayor. The lone Republican Marie Saddig is nothing but a puppet for the Mayor and offers no insight or opposing views or even collaborates with any Republicans in East Haven. She is nothing more than a RINO- Republican in Name Only.

It is a true sad state of affairs when it comes to the East Haven Police Commission. Attend these meetings they are usually held at the last Tuesday of the Month at the East Haven Senior Center.

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