Monday, February 7, 2011

Town Council Meeting 2-8-2011

Tomorrow the East Haven Town Council will hold two meetings. First at 7pm will be a Public Hearing regarding these topics (agenda). Specifically, it is most important that you pay close attention to the 1.2 million dollars needed to be bonded in order to pay for lawsuits that Mayor has settled. While I agree that these suit needed to be settled the Mayor has violated the Town Charter because there was a lack of proper funding in the account. According to our Charter, when the funds are depleated the Mayor must go before the Town Council to seek approval.

The Second Meeting (agenda) is a special meeting approving the items on the first meeting. With a 12 to 3 Democrat over Republican I expect that this entire agenda will pass. I might add that all of the members of the Town Council should admonish the Mayor for once again breaking the Town Charter.

If you've never come to a Town Council Meeting I implore you to do so.

East Haven Senior Center
91 Taylor Avenue
East Haven

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