Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Court case dismissed and EHPD still gets no respect

One would expect with all of the controversy surrounding the East Haven Police Department recently that instead of having attorney’s comment on the EHPD Police officers being cleared of charges that you would see Mayor April or some of the EHPD Board of Police Commissioners stand up and say that they stand behind our Police Officers and that they really care. At the very least offer congratulations for a job well done.
Instead what you get is dead silence. It’s funny because I noticed the same behavior by the Commission at the January 2011 Police Commission meeting when the Commission was asked if they supported their Police Officers.  Then again I personally asked the Commissioners at the March 2011 meeting and the response I received from Commissioner Brow was “Why don’t you ask the President of the Police Union.” I asked Mr. Brow if he could elaborate and he declined.
It is absolutely disgusting that this Administration continues ignore the fine men and women of East Haven’s PD. This Administration continues to remain silent waiting for the DOJ to find one thing wrong so it can have a parade with Gene Ruccoo and company declaring victory. But what they don’t realize is when our cops lose so do they.
Well EHPD officers, the community supports you and as much as it stings that the men and women paid to support you fail to see the very good that you do we certainly do care and see the what they are doing. It’s all about politics.
Stand tall and proud of the work you do. Continue to serve and protect with dignity and perseverance and soon we all will be rid of those who hold police in distain for doing the work of the taxpayers.
God bless you and your families and thank you for your continued service.

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  1. Congrats and God bless the EHPD....we're behind you all the way.