Sunday, April 24, 2011

East Haven's West End's Severe Lack of Economic Development

690 Main Street

Yesterday during the rain storm I had some time to drive around town to find all of the vacant stores in town to demonstrate the lack of accountability and focus the Capone Administration has. I started my journey in the West End where the economic conditions of the Town are at there worst.

670 Main Street

The former Andy's Food Mart. Great concept and in a great location but with a bad economy and zero economic development East Havener's travel to Fair Haven still to get their butcher style meats. 
626 Main Street

Remember this one? The infamious C&F Cheese Building. A sore subject for the Mautro Administration and a supposed triumph for Mayor April. Mayor April participated in the knocking down of this building and declared that the revitalization of the West End is beginning. More drama, more talk and less accountability.

555 Main Street

The Old Dale Dance Studio has remained untouched and vacant for many years with no sign of any activity.

68 Frontage Road

This prime piece of real estate has been vacant the entire time that April Capone has been Mayor and before. This piece is located right in the middle of the TJ Maxx Shopping Center and is next to the Home Goods Chain. 

553 Main St

Located right in the West End's heart is this building which has become recently vacant. It's rapidly becoming more and more of an eyesore for the West End community.

Continuing in the heart of the West End's economic district are several businesses that are vacant giving the area a further look of urban blight and decay.

461 Main St

457 Main Street


452 Main Street

439 Main Street

So when Gene Ruocco, The Democratic Town Chairman, Paul Hongo, Deputy Director or the Mayor herself declare that East Haven is in great economic shape remember this piece on the West End and know the truth that East Haven under their leadership has not only become worse economically, they have driven out jobs and business from East Haven. What does that mean to you? Higher Taxes, more expensive services and more deficit spending.


  1. Dan,
    How many vacant commercial buildings did you come across in town?

  2. Momauguin,

    Well I can tell you that we have a 5 part series on this story. At part 2 we have 25 but I assure you there are many more. Stay tuned...I promise you that the Capone Administration doesn't want you to know!

    The Vine