Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three Stone Pillar project resurfaces as 155 Short Beach Road

There’s another storm brewing in East Haven and it is right in the Riverside section of Town. Application #11-1 Short Beach Commons located at 155 Short Beach Road is a proposed 51 unit age restricted Dwelling Units submitted by R.T. Enterprises of East Haven and it was presented tonight before the East Haven Inland Wetlands Watercourse Commission.

For those not familiar with the area it is located between Mansfield Grove Road and Three Stone Pillar heading towards the Farm River. This project is not new to the area. The last project, a 9 unit development failed to get off the ground even before there was a swell of opposition. Tonight however, the room had at least 11 people in opposition and the majority of them didn’t find out about the meeting until this evening.

The Board immediately recognized that there was public and before a motion could be given for the public to speak Assistant Town Attorney Cerillo informed the Board that unless there was a petition of more than 25 people or more the meeting would be closed to the public and you could hear the people grumble in frustration. However, well mannered, the people sat and listened to the Board discuss amongst themselves the site plans submitted by the applicant, R.T Enterprises.

You could hear several questions being asked by the Board to the applicant including placement of sewer lines, where the run off of the storm water would collect and the impact of the 20, 50 and 100 year storms it would have on the project. You could feel that the Board was not fully comfortable with the application with an itchy public just waiting to speak their minds.

After their discussion was concluded the motion was made by Commissioner Perez to allow a Public Hearing on the application being heard. Accepted unanimously, with the objection of the applicants’ attorney Lee, the public will have an opportunity to present their opinions at the next Inland and Wetland Meeting on Monday May 10 at 7pm.

There is already an existing application on the project for the Planning and Zoning Meeting scheduled for May 4, 2011.

The people of Riverside have seen these attempts before at the same exact location and on Wheaton Road, both were soundly defeated. I would expect that this being an election year Mr. Ruocco and Mayor April should take notice of what the people say and want.

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