Thursday, April 28, 2011

Part 3: East Haven's Economic Woes are hard in the Foxon Area

Continuing the series of telling the real story with visual support is what is needed here in East Haven. We are tired of the one man circus act that continues to prop up a failed Capone Administration that has no clue how to generate new business and create growth in East Haven. It was commented by the Chairman of the Democratic Town Committee that phone calls have been made and plans are in the works? If phone calls are being made and plans are in the works then what is the real problem? Could it be that no one wants to do business with East Haven because the Town has fiscal issues, lowered bond ratings, high foreclosures and an administration that is hostile to business? Just ask Car Max and Home Depot how they have been demonized for receiving incentives to open their businesses here. Mayor April talked about bring a Christmas Tree Shop here when she first ran for election. My question is why would they come. Why would BJ's COSTCO or any large big box retailer want to open here now?

With no plan, no skills and hostility this is what you end up with. See our photos from the Foxon Area.

Below are all the vacant stores from the Former A&P SuperFood Market. The entire plaza with the exception of two stores are vacant. There is no reason why this store could not be opened again with either a Costco, BJ's or another supermarket chain. In order to make East Haven attractive you need to have a business friendly environment.

Foxon Plaza 1

Foxon Plaza 2

Foxon Plaza 3

Former A&P Superfood Market

The the former Eblans store was moved across the street to the current CVS Plaza and this plaza that has been slowly dying. We do have Subway, Radio Shack and a Pizza Place but how long can they survive? The entire office space above the complex was once the home of Radiop Shacks Regional Office.

Eblan Plaza 1

691 Foxon Rd (Former Eblan's Plaza)

Eblan Plaza 2

The Former Eblan's Store

The entire upper floor of the Old Eblan Plaza

All along the Foxon Road (RT 80) stretch there are more vacant commerical properties, some are of mixed use. Creative minds could do wonders with these commercial pieces but again a Town needs a plan, needs vision and must be open and friendly to business.

Foxon Road (Near North Branford Border)

Former World Wide Travel

CVS Plaza

945 Foxon Road

Foxon Road Unit #4 (Next to Forsa Sports)

Foxon Road Across the street from the Former A&P Foodmarket

The Foxon Area of Town is of great concern. The western end of RT 80 is very developed and without a vital business plan the entire strip could be in danger.

With today's report we added another 15 store fronts and commercial properties to the list of vacant properties in East Haven bringing our total vacant commercial properties to 40. Can you guess how many East Haven has in total? The Vine knows!

Stay tuned....Tomorrow The Center of East Haven!


  1. She lied about bringing businesses back, Dan. Plain and Simple. She failed to do it on the West End of town and Foxon is struggling (they've been struggling a long time). Binky's Toyland, a friend of mine who ran it for a while, was there and that's where that Eblans is now. The friend couldn't afford it and it's ridiculous, Dan.

  2. Paul I just report the facts....You decide.