Thursday, April 28, 2011

Part 4 East Haven's Center Struggles to keep up

Part 4 of the series of East Haven's economic woes shows the heart of East Haven and how it is struggling to stay viable. While the Capone Administration looks to blame others for their lack of attention and focus on East Haven's economy and tries to steer the conversation to it's a national problem or we still are collecting tax dollars they fail to realize that the lack of economic stability in a community has far more reaching effects. It goes to our ability to pay, educated and provision of services.

I do have a question that I hope someone can answer. We spend approximately $97K on the PERF report, have done nothing with it. Don't you think if we took $97K and hired a professional economic consultant firm, we could have filled some of these vacant stores? The old phrase, you've got to spend money to make money might be just what was needed.

The following locations are from High Street, Main Street, north side of Frontage Rd, Trolley Square and Hemingway Avenue.

199 Frontage Road (Former Kitchen and Bath Installation)

East Haven Mall (Main Street)
Kelly Commons 216 A Main Street

57 High Street (Professional Office Space)

Former MetCalf's 272 Main Street

280 Main Street (Professional Space)

310 Main Street (Delta Building) Professional Space

334 Main Street (Former Flooring Installation)
Former Blake Financial on High Street
Former Peoples Bank (Frontage Road)

Excellent location on Frontage Road for a Five Guys Hamburger Store

Former Nationwide Insurance (High St) Professional Space

One of the most important business centers in our center of Town is the Trolley Square Mall. It's very deceptive because of the shape of the plaza but when you closely examine the surrounding stores you realize that there are many vacant stores

Former Art Framing Store and upstairs completely vacant

2 vacant stores next to Stop n Shop

Trolley Sq Retail Store
Trolley Sq Retail Store
Across the street from Trolley Sq on Hemingway Ave

The former Grab and Go Store on Main Street

So while I have been accused of creating hate, venom and lying about everything from Mayor April former job at Verizon Wireless to this story all I can tell you is that a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are another 20 store fronts, commercial space and professional office space to demonstrate that this Administration has no control of economic development. Yesterday's count was 40 and with today's number we are a 60 vacant commercial spaces.

We still have one more series to cover. Can you guess what the final number of vacant commercial properties East Haven has? The Vine knows!

Tomorrow, East Haven's Industrial Parks and the 2nd District.

Stay Tuned!

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