Friday, April 29, 2011

Part 5 The Final Count on East Haven's Economic Woes

So here we are the final part of a five part series and I know that some of the people in the Capone Administration will be glad that it is over. But it truly is not. It's up to you the readers to continue to remember all of the pictures in your head and carry that to the ballot box in November.

I know that we have rattled the cage of the Chair of the Democratic Town Committee, Gene Ruocco because he has continually mentioned this blog on the PATCH and just recently the almighty protector of Mayor April, Mr Capone has joined the fight. I won't back down, will you? They have accused me of being the sniper behind the blog. But truly, it hasn't been me but I am quite flattered to think they thin it is me. They definitely are paranoid. I guess in a way the VINE has inspired desent. But we all know how Gene Ruocco thinks. I mean, who cares about facts when you're pushing an agenda.

If you're not a person who follows politics please remember that I have presented pictures and facts which are worth  a thousand words. It's a stark contrast to the pictures (none) of what Mr. Ruocco speaks about. It's his agenda, it's his power base and you the voter are a threat to him. April Capone is just a tool in his sphere of influence.

We've pushed Mr. Ruocco and his corrupt cronies to the brink and hopefully this November you will send him a clear message that the games are over, the political appointments are done and the friends and family network is done.

I now present to you the remainder of the vacant store fronts in the 2nd District and our Industrial Parks.

Cinque Industrial Park

52 South End Road

Bradley Street Complex

Zoned Industrial on Bradley Street

Zoned for Industrial Use on Bradley Street

Former ABC Building on Bradley Street

290 Dodge Avenue

To be closed this August (Dodge Avenue)

The Former Batters Edge on Bradley Street
East Haven Industrial Park

The Former Fuch's Building (East Haven Industrial Park)

The Former Longs Florist on Dodge Avenue

The Former Apizza Grande on Coe Aveune

The Former Studio on Coe Avenue

Vacant Industrial Lot on Washington Avenue

Professional Office Space 111 South Shore Drive

Corner of Coe Ave and Short Beach Road

Short Beach Road

So here are the final 18 properties bringing our grand total to 78 prime commerical properties that are currently vacant in the Town of East Haven. I have been accused of being one sided in this presentation and not fully representative of East Haven because other Towns are experiencing the same problems as East Haven. So I challenge those who think I am not fair to get off your keypads and show me the proof. 

Lastly, to be fair, I will also post a list of new businesses that have opened since Mayor April has become Mayor. I can promise this. It's no where near the 78 vacant spots we currently have.

Stay Tuned!

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