Monday, April 18, 2011

Another year and it’s the same ole shell game from the Capone Administration

As I have said since day one of Mayor April Capone’s Administration I thought it was the blindness of the Maturo Administration that propelled her into office because if anyone knew what April and her people were like they would see right through all the nonsense they were able to portray and she would have never been elected. The only thing April had accomplished in her short career was her degree in theatrical drama and I must say she is damn good at that. Probably the smoothest politician East Haven has seen in many years. I mean we elected a Verizon Customer Service Representative who claimed she was an Executive. How much better can we get?
 But what really baffles me is what happens to the person when they become Mayor of the Town of East Haven? Do they forget to be humble, thoughtful and self aware that they are a human being capable of making mistakes? Since I moved here in 1995 Hank Luzzi and his 911 move and his refusal to admit his was wrong ended his reign as Mayor. Joe Maturo’s Candlelight project which I voted for was wrong and the people spoke. I admitted I was wrong but still yet to hear Joe admit he was. Now there is April Capone who is heading for her 911 and Candlelight by insulting the people of the Town of East Haven saying that she has reduced our taxes in this year’s budget. A budget that ballooned into a 5.3 million dollar deficit after 4 consecutive budget deficits and she continues to blame the Maturo Administration!
I am 42 and I still admit that every day I learn something new. At 42, I can admit that I make mistakes and some of them are significant. In my days of service on the Town Council the one thing I always regretted was caving in, going against what I knew was wrong and voting for the Candlelight Project. It was a return of a political favor and after I cast that vote I knew that I would have had a hard time getting elected and that elected office in this Town can turn a person against their principles.
 So there! I said it! Now why can’t April Capone admit that she screwed up and take account for what she has done with her Administration? Doesn’t April know that forgiveness is a virtue and many of the residents of the Town of East Haven have it.? Mayor April stop lying to the people of East Haven that you are reducing their taxes this year! You socked us with a 17% tax increase in 2010 after you promised in the election of 2009 that you would not raise our taxes! Instead you deceived the people of East Haven by telling them that John Finkle would raise your taxes if he were elected. How did April excuse that lie? Blame Joe Maturo! See the shell game she plays? Why can’t Mayor April admit that she was a customer service representative at Verizon and that from that she assailed into the first women Mayor and the youngest! That is a great story! Instead it reeks with lies and deceit.
I think that inward honesty is what we are all missing here in East Haven and that is why we are in the mess we are in. If the leader of this community can’t be honest with herself instead of making us believe she is something she is not then what’s the point?
Many people think I don’t like Mayor April and that is not the case at all. I know that in her heart she is doing what she thinks is best, no doubt, but it’s not that I don’t like her it’s that I know she doesn’t like herself and she has to compensate her mistakes by blaming others.
Mayor April, let me help you out here. Admitting you are wrong is not all that bad. In fact, it can make you feel proud, knowledgeable and human. Sticking your nose up and telling everyone what a wonderful job you are doing while reaching into the pockets of the taxpayers is disingenuous and hopefully will cost you your job in November to the candidate I am endorsing Mr. John Finkle.
More to come!

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